I’ve been tagged!


OK-after a long hiatus I am finally updating my blog!  Life has been pretty crazy!  I had company last week and we had so much fun.  My husband’s sister came for a week and a half so we had lots of time for eating, playing games, and just hanging out.  She is a nun and lives in Ohio so we don’t get to seee her often enough.  I have some great Monopoly photos (courtesy my 7 yo) and I already have some ideas what to do with them!


Here are some layouts I did using MCA Designs “A Fish Tale” kit. Isn’t it a great kit?  I have had a lot of fun with it!  There are some surprises in store for you in July at My Scrap Shop, so stay tuned!



My good friend and fellow creative design team member for MCA Designs,  Mamacatscraps ,has tagged me!  So here goes…


7 random or weird things about me:

1. My nickname when I was little was “Pumpkin.”

2. My first job was at “The Big Cheese Pizza!”

3. I love the show Reno 911.

4. I like sour cream and syrup on my pancakes.

5. I danced for The Lonestar Ballet Company.

6. I have broken my nose 3 times!

7. When I was little I thought I could see my future babies in my belly button!


Okay, now aren’t you glad to know all of those juicy tidbits?  I figured so…lol!


Now here are those I’m tagging:



M. Lucas

Lee Anne




I know it’s a long post!  I won’t go this long next time!

Have a great weekend!




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3 responses to “I’ve been tagged!

  1. Interesting things about yourself. Sour cream and syrup? I thought my hubby was weird with his mayo and banana sandwiches! LOL

  2. I finally finished tagging all the people I needed to tag. Wow!! That is harder than I thought!! But it was fun!!!

  3. Hey Pam, i just read Dola’s facts and i was surprised too!!! We do have some things in common!!! Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog!!!! Hugs Jaya

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