Have you seen it?

Hey everyone!  How’s it going for all of you this weekend?  As for us, we went to see “The Dark Knight” last night.  It was a good movie, but had way more violence than I would have liked.  I know it was going to have some, but man!  The two little ones had their eyes covered by eyes a couple of times!  I just don’t understand why these shows, based off of comics, have to be like that.  These people know that kids are going to want to see these movies.  They seem to just get worse.  We will definitely pay closer attention to things next time! 


The other thing I was amazed by was a woman who brought her toddler to this movie!  He was crying for a good chunk of it because he was scared.  Then after it was over she had to change his diaper.  Understandable, right?  Only if you lay your baby on the bathroom floor in a stall!  I had just reminded my daughter not to put her things on the floor, and here this lady puts her baby on the floor!   It was so disgusting!  Anyway, that’s my rant for the day:)


I have a freebie for you that I made using a product from my Grab Bag #1.  The bag is commercial use ok, and no credit is required (but always appreciated!)



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Have a great day 🙂



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5 responses to “Have you seen it?

  1. Diane

    These tags are too cute!!! Thanks!

  2. Pattycakes

    I just love these!! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Jayaprem

    WOW!!! these tags are way too cute Pam!!!

  4. beena

    It is my kind of movie then.. Can’t wait to see it. Was planning to go but my daughter Yuki caught a viral fever. Well this weekend maybe.

    By the way nice journaling tags….

  5. grannymike

    I love these tags and the word art you have included on some of them. Thank you so much. And I personally agree with your rant and then some! Thanks for the heads-up on the movie. Are you familiar with screenit.com? If not, it is a site that screens movies with kids/parents in mind. When you go to their home site, you will see there is a paid version, but if you click “no thanks,” it takes you to their free version. They are very detailed about the language, violence, sex, nudity, themes, etc., and are a great reference if you are trying to determine if a movie is appropriate for your family.

    Thanks again for the lovely tags.

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