A Girl and her Teddy

When “my baby” was a baby, we bought her a teddy at a church function.  He was 25 cents…  I never would have imagined how priceless he would become.  She had to have “Teddy!”  It was a constant fear that someday he would get lost, because  she would not sleep without him.  Her little fingers would pull on his hair while she “itched” Teddy.  We tried giving her “Teddy’s Sister” just in case something happened to him, but she wouldn’t do!  I can’t tell you how many times I have sewn his head back on, and put new material on his hands, feet, and ears.  In fact he needs his head reattached right now!  His fur is gone, and she still has not given him up nine years later.  What love…:)

I used a kit by Nath Designs called Girls’ Musing, to do a page about ole’ Ted!

Isn’t it cute?!


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